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Creature Cafe Volume Preorder (OPEN UNTIL MAY 1st)

Creature Cafe Volume Preorder (OPEN UNTIL MAY 1st)

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Hello, my little monster-loving creatures…

This is the preorder for the Creature Cafe Volumes. 

    What are you preordering? 

    • Two hardback volumes of the entire Creature Cafe Series. Books 1-5 will be in Volume 1. Books 6-10 will be in Volume 2. Each volume will have a fully illustrated dustjacket wrapping a hardback (the art style will match the Warts & Claws Series Volumes). All books will be signed by me. There will be NSFW Art inside the books.

      This item will be shipping out in June/July 2023

    This should go without saying, but you must be 18+ to order, as there will be NSFW art within the book.

    Note: This preorder will be open until May 1st, at which point it will close. I will not be doing another reprint of these volumes this year. 

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