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When it comes to working for the Three Fates Mafia, there are three rules.

Don’t get caught.

Don’t betray others.

Don’t get eaten.

After being hired to steal a painting, Ashley finds herself ensnared.

Damon, Minos, and Aaecus- the three heads of the monster Cerberus- have never met a human like Ashley. Instead of killing her, they decide to offer her a deal.

Seven days of sin in exchange for freedom from the Three Fates Mafia.

It doesn’t take long for those sins to become something much scarier- love.

Ashley, Damon, Minos, and Aaecus are in for a world of trouble- but even claws and fangs will not keep thieves and monsters apart.


This book contains the following:

  • MM scenes
  • MMMW scenes
  • Hot MONSTER scenes
  • bondage
  • Size difference
  • Mafia bosses ;)
  • and more


Thieves & Monsters is the first book in Clio and Opal's Three Fates Mafia Series. This will be a complete story- leading to the next group of characters ;) Make sure to join Opal and Clio on Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook and @clioevansauthor.