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Demons & Doves Signed Paperback with Art Prints Preorder

Demons & Doves Signed Paperback with Art Prints Preorder

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  • Signed Paperback
  • Sticker
  • 2 Art prints by @1mpeyu

Welcome to New York City, where the roaring twenties are filled with rippers and revenge.

Florence has returned back home after facing months of torment, but she still cannot escape the demons that haunt her.

A Vampire. A Shapeshifter. A Demonic Jester.

The Rippers have lost everything because of Florence. Her past is dangerously intertwined with their future, and nothing will tear her from their blood thirsty grips. But the further they drag her into hell, the more they realize that fate is far more evil than any monster could be—and that they aren’t the only creatures after the doves.

Love is a weakness. Trust is a weapon. And if these four are ever to find either, they will have to reopen wounds that are better left untouched.

Can the demons love the very human they are destined to hate? Can Florence ever love them back?

In Demons & Doves, you will find the following:

  • Dark Romance
  • Gender-bent vampire Jack the Ripper
  • Steampunk/Decopunk world
  • Broken FMC that becomes strong
  • Shapeshifting creature
  • Demonic Jester with a thirst for chaos
  • Happy Ending

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Customer Reviews

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forever mated to this book

i was so happy to open this package and see the beautiful book in person! the art prints are wonderful and the little sticker is a great touch. thank you so much clio for adding my name, i really appreciate it! i honestly can’t tell which book i loved more, the first or the second, but both are so deliciously dark and spicy and i will truly miss reading about the freaks and the rippers, but i will always revisit them with my new physical copies! i hope there will be some special editions coming soon because i will snatch those up so fast. thank you clio for creating such a lavish and monstrous world, you have my heart🥹🖤❤️‍🔥

Brittany McDougall

Demons & Doves Signed Paperback with Art Prints Preorder