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Not So Best Wishes - Swag Pack

Not So Best Wishes - Swag Pack

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  • Signed paperback!
  • Holographic Warts & Claws sticker
  • A fun bookmark to go with them both :)



It’s just another Monster Monday…

Lora expected many things to happen— but sparks flying between her, the new HR agent, and her manticore coworker wasn’t one of them. 

Mich is a handsome manticore who goes into rut after a fateful encounter with Lora and Cinder. 

Cinder is the new sexy HR agent with secrets they can’t keep for long. 

The office environment starts to get hot as these three fall into an affair they can’t stop. Love and heat are in the air, but as the corporate enemy starts to emerge, everything changes for monsters and witches alike. 

Can Lora, Mich, and Cinder make it to the weekend without losing their newfound love and jobs?

This story contains the following:

  • SPICY Monster Office Romance
  • Fated Mates
  • BDSM
  • Stapling
  • Nonbinary Representation
  • Evil HR overlords
  • and more ;)

The Warts & Claws Inc series is a spicy monster romance series following an evil HR department vs. the office. Each book will have a different relationship dynamic, inappropriate use of office supplies, creatures finding love, and more. Follow Clio Evans on Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok to stay up to date on monster related shenanigans.

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