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Little Risk of Fall - Swag Pack(preorder)

Little Risk of Fall - Swag Pack(preorder)

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  • Signed paperback!
  • Holographic sticker that's super cute and a little spicy
  • A fun bookmark to go with them both :)



Creatures of all kinds go to the Barista to find love, including the outgoing orc known as Jasper.

Jasper is ready to find his mate. He can feel it in his *core* that it is time. Despite all of the things happening in the creature world, he is ready for someone who can love him— kilts, tusks, and all.

When the Barista sets up Jasper with a human named Alex, they plan a getaway together. The summer solstice orc games are to take place, the perfect time for Alex and Jasper to discover just how much they want each other.

Still, Lucifer’s reach is far and wide. When Jasper and Alex find themselves at the center of a coven’s plot to bring Lucifer back, they discover that no matter how hard you might fall — monstrous love will be there to catch you.

This novella has the following:

  • Hot MONSTER Scenes
  • Daddy Kink
  • Fated Mates Love
  • BDSM
  • Sword Crossing
  • Kilts
  • And more ;)

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